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Teaching About Ramadan and Eid

Teaching about Ramadan and Eid is just one step educators can take toward making religious diversity a regular point of discussion in the classroom.  This article, shared on Dr. Broady’s ESL Blog, helps to teach students about diverse cultural and religious traditions while also teaching about empathy and kindness.


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Wedding Traditions from Around the World

As teachers of ELL students, it is important that we learn about the backgrounds and cultures of our students and their families.  There are many traditions that remain central to culture as a whole.  One such celebration includes the events surrounding dating and marriage.

This is a collection of video clips depicting many of the unique ways that weddings are celebrated in countries around the world.





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How Do Mexicans Celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

This video debunks some common misconceptions about Cinco de Mayo. Reblogged from a friend. Thanks, Ashley!

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I’ve heard conflicting stories about Cinco de mayo. As a Caucasian, American girl who is a lover of all things Latino (especially comida rica, musica y el idioma!) I want to celebrate Cinco de mayo, but not if it’s at the expense of being culturally insensitive to Mexican people or culture, so I decided to investigate. This short video does a nice job of summarizing some misconceptions about May 5th.

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