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Language Learning Website for Elementary Students

This a foreign language game site for elementary students produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Through this site, teachers and students are able to navigate through many games and activities designed to help them learn Spanish, French, and Mandarin. In order to provide valuable instruction to English Language Learners, we must explore and develop an understanding of a student’s heritage language and culture. This site provides various cultural resources as well as demonstrations of correct pronunciation, through audio and video clips.

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ELL Students Benefit from Orton-Gillingham Techniques

“Many parents and teachers are well aware of the benefits the Orton­-Gillingham method has for students struggling with dyslexia. But public school teachers in New Jersey have found that OG techniques can also work for students learning to read who are not native English speakers—commonly referred to as ‘ELLs’ or ‘English Language Learners.’ ”

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This video gives more information about the Orton-Gillingham method.